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Refers to a slow "nuzzley" relaxing walk shared by a pair of lovebirds where da nice guy never actually lets go from his initial embrace of da cutie who's shown up to honor him wif her pleasant companionship, either because he's so fond of her warm closeness that he doesn't ever wanna be even a fraction of an inch away from her during their entire time together, or else she showed up in tears over some distressing recent event, and so he wants to comfortingly ensure that she feels totally loved and safe during her visit with him.
Going for long walks wif a nice girl is pleasurable enough "as-is", of course, but snuggle-strolls are even nicer; extra points if (1) you maintain a tight lip-lock wif her during the entire walk, and (2) you're both naked; as we know, naked hugz are da best hugz, plus of course it allows you to share spontaneous sex-quickies if nobody is watching at da time. Just be sure to bring flip-flops along, though, in case your journey takes you over any rough ground where bare feet would be vulnerable; this keeps yer feet cleaner, as well, in case ya occasionally wanna plop yerselves down and give each other foot-rubz.
by QuacksO July 18, 2018
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