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any deception perpetrated in an online chatroom or over an instant messenger with the aim of falsely convincing the target audience that the deceiver is physically attractive, mentally astute or spiritually gifted.
A snowy owl is usually carried out by means of bluff, bald-faced lie or, in the case of physical deception, photoshop.
The origin of the term "snowy owl" is rather complex. In brief, "owl" is used here as a somewhat archaic synonym for "coin", whereas "snowy" alludes to the weather conditions one has to deal with during a blizzard, specifically the poor range of visibility one has to endure while driving. "Snowy owl" thus indicates a counterfeit, a coin (individual) of uncertain or dubious value.
1) When that girl first emailed me her photo I thought she was hot! I only realized I'd been sent a snowy owl when I noticed the hideous old woman's head photoshopped onto the much younger woman's body.
2) I paid five dollars for this online psychic reading, but ended up getting a snowy owl. That so-called "psychic" didn't know what the hell she was doing!
3) I meant some supposed "medium" in a occult chatroom left night, but it's pretty obvious to me that the only spirit she can channel is a snowy owl spirit.
by Steve Bricault October 08, 2007
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