Primarily found in cold climates, the snotcicle occurs when the fluid of a runny nose freezes, creating a sort of icicle. Freequently found in the beard and/or mustache of rugged outdoors men.
Wao! Check out that dude's snotcicle! Nasty as hell!
by Carterh January 25, 2006
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Frozen boogers dangling from noses, created during cold weather.
People shoveling snow need to watch out for snotcicles.
by AceMacCoy March 8, 2015
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The frozen mucus and leukocytes in a cold nose, mustache or beard.
After shoveling snow for an hour, Reid had built up a variety of snotcicles on his face and nose.
by Argo F. Kilter May 4, 2015
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