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The word "snorton" has derrived from the family name "morton" mixed with a weekend of drug abuse. This unhumain creature can usually be found hibernating under beds. It is thought that while the snorton is doing this, he has the ability to outstreach his arm and reach for various items to aid his drug habit. The snorton has recently been spotted in in places such as the mansfield, butlins, leeds and doncaster areas in nothing less than an absolute pickle. Due to his lack of co-ordination and indecissiveness, it is very hard to find common grounds with the snorton and usually ends up in exessive swearing and general agressive behaviour. If the snorton was to be compared to any animal, it would be a snake due to his undescribable behaviour when under the influence of alcohol. The snortons other social activites also include football hooliganism, racism and of course snorting!
Is that a snorton i see under my bed?
by durk diggler December 09, 2007
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