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(noun) Furry elephant like creature found on the ice planet hoth, mentioned in several star wars novels.Used as an insult for a particularly large/hairy/unattractive female.
"she was a proper snorble"
by john bottomley January 17, 2006
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verb: The act of snoring into a liquid, as used by a creature known as 'Longtail' on a muck world of questionable yet popular appeal. Longtail has often been known to pass out bowls of oatmeal in which tired people can 'snorble'.
'Longtail passes out bowls of oatmeal for the snorbling contest.'
Longtail says, "Snorble.. the sound one makes when one falls asleep, face down, ina bowl of oatmeal."

by Ophet December 05, 2008
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