a town that consists of the mayor of snoozeville, the snoozevillemaster, and a citizen of citizen of snoozeville. sometimes visitors come to snoozeville when the train to snoozeville - driven by conductor snoozey - is running. you don't need a passport to come, just some snoozies and you can get discounted transportation if you have collected snoozeville points granted by the snoozevillemaster. the train to snoozeville runs on snoozegas.
1-honey, i wanna take you to snoozeville for our honeymoon.

2-everybody hop on the train to snoozeville!
by !shaynuh! June 11, 2009
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Taken literally means; to be snoozy, sleepy or groggy as a result of inhalation of 'grog'.

The terms however has deeper meanings and can be used to portray 'boredom' or as an indication of painful chat.

The latter meaning for the term is a result of long winded stories about hockey, pasta and bacon often via telephone (which is turned to loudspeaker to increase the speed at which snoozeville is approached).

Emphasis is often put on the 's' or 'sch' sound at the start of the word to further enhance the true meaning of the word.
by Montgomerie May 18, 2009
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