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Snoobab- Pronounced S-new-bab

its a racial comment u make to a african coloured person, its baboon backwords
wow look at that snoobab run with my tv
by Africa13 September 26, 2007
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Similiar to coon, Snoobab (or snooby) is an anagram used to describe people whose family roots can be traced to Africa or the Carribean, and are also found to be inhabiting areas such as Detroit or Brixton.
It has become more frequently used after the decline of the term sooty due to combination of its racist roots and increased gun crime in these areas, which led to the users of sooty being shot or having their televisions stolen.
James - "Last night i was robbed at gun point and all i could smell was pure BO!"
Dave - "Must have been a fucking snoobab"

Chris - "Whats wrong with that snooby over there dressed in FUBU, listening to gangster rap and perving over ugly white chicks?"
Lee - "Don't know for sure, but he probably has aids..."
by Chivers May 29, 2006
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