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To test if an item of already worn clothing is suitable to wear out. common amongst students who cant be bothered to do their washing.
Friend1:Hey man cant you just wear those boxers?
Friend2:(sniff test)yeah i can get a couple more uses out of those
by Sam Marston September 26, 2007
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When you are about to eat pussy, you slowly go down for the alls clear at the belly button. If you can get that far and it doesn't smell bad, you can safely proceed. If there is a stench, you can slowly work yourself back up and shove your dick/or pussy back in her mouth.
I performed the sniff test on Gina and she was all roses.
by PimpD April 25, 2004
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When a girl sniffs a guys junk to see if he's been fuckin around with someone else before he came home. If she smells vag, he's guilty as charged.
Girl: Get over here and drop your pants.
Guy arriving home after "working late": Shit, are you giving me a sniff test?
Girl: Youve been fuckin some other chick again havent you!?
by FunDotCom July 28, 2010
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Similar to definition #1, but instead used to determine whether milk is safe to use. The sniff test is again largely used by students or others that only occasionally go to the shop.
Shit, I went to baste my pie but the milk's off. If only I'd done the sniff test then I wouldn't have to wash my pie.
by Captain Fibreglass July 27, 2010
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