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(n.) a portmanteau of "sneaky" and "selfie." Meaning to take a photo of oneself sneakily, usually in public. Can also be used to define when an individual is attempting to take a photo of themselves with another subject in the background without raising suspicion.

Sneefies, as well as on any standard iPhone or Android camera, are usually used in conjunction with the popular app snapchat.
*at a cafe, with lots of people*
Jane: "I need to somehow get a photo of New Hot Guy! I'm way too shy to even think about talking to him though!"
John: "Why don't you take a sneefie? That way he won't suspect a thing."

Melanie: *holds front camera up, distorts face appropriately and makes sure to capture George in the background who carries on reading a book unaware, Melanie takes the sneefie and proceeds to snapchat it to her friends*
by haphazardstandards April 10, 2014
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