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Relates to: free boatride plan.

Sneaker test is a non genetic update of the "one drop" test which separated out those who had even "one drop" of african blood in their ancestry to determine if they were black.

The sneaker test is not genetic but determines if you are black by how you react to being sat down and then having your sneakers taken away. If you fly into a rage get violent cry demand their immediate return or if you spent more than 160 dollars on said sneakers you are black and free boatrides are for you.
If you react like this to someone taking away your right under the 2a to defend your life against crime or tyranny with a firearm then you are a patriot or white or both. If you react this way to having your fascist worldview based on your of entitled victimhood taken away you are a progressive antifa or libtard.
The sneaker test quickly revealed Colin's roots and qualified him for a )free boatride.
by Flush the tpp March 12, 2018
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