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To get high in secret. Not to be confused with "sneak peek", a common expression used to describe a preview of a product.
I got a sneak peak in on my lunch break.
by NotStealthMountain September 05, 2012
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Looking under skirts, or down shirts to get a peak of a naughty part.
While on the escalator, Fundo used his camera phone to get a photographic sneak peak under the skirt of the female standing 3 steps ahead of him. Fortunately for him, she wasn't wearing panties.
by authOOr July 05, 2006
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When a guy tucks his dick into his waist band and is wearing a shirt that is too short. To the effect where you see the tip, or peak, of his dick between the shirt and his pants.
If you look closely you can see a Sneak Peak of JIm
by BakaDaragon March 11, 2015
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