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Snail-mail spam. Physical junk or bulk mail that arrives in your mailbox courtesy of the postal service.
Me: I get so much spam from local restaurants.
Dad: How do they have your email address?
Me: No, I mean snam. Junk mail. Glossy and newsprint ads and stuff. It just goes straight into the recycle bin, so why do they even bother sending it?
by horizstar April 30, 2009
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A fine ass man. A very good looking man that is attractive in every way. So fine that you want him as a snack. You just look at the guy, and because he so beautiful to ur ideal you gotta say 'snam'...A fine ass man
Yo that's a 'snam' right there about to enter footlocker.

Omg girls adjust yourselves, a 'snam' just entered the room
by Toronto Girls July 06, 2017
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