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The chassis designation for the 94-98 Ford Mustang.
My white 1995 Mustang GT is a sn95 chassis.
by white95 March 26, 2011
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The fourth generation of the Ford Mustang, sold in 1994-2004 model years. The engine was changed to an overhead cam 4.6 liter for model year 1996. The body received an update for model years 1999-2004 called the "new edge" sn95 Mustang as the interior and internals remained largely the same as the 1996-1998 cars. The sn95 platform is versatile and can be made to perform well in the owner's choice of motorsport, though it is far outclassed by modern vehicles barring extensive modification.
"Was that an sn95 that just drove by?"
"Yeah, you can go ahead and just call that a 'mustang' like normal people now."
by mr_mushroom June 14, 2015
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A mustang platform made by ford and used for the 94-2004 mustangs. The first generation sn95 mustangs were sleek, sexy, and stylish. The 99+ sn95 mustangs were actually a downgrade in style when ford tried to go in a new direction but ended up making the cars look like they came out of a cereal box. Overall sn95's may not be the fastest cars from the factory but are easily made into beasts that eat all competitors (Except a 318ti bmw with a 325ti swap. Those smoke GT's all day).
Guy 1: Man that 98 sn95 cobra was SEXY.

Guy 2: Yeah but that 04 gt with it looked like shit.

Guy 1: True that.
by eagle59 March 02, 2010
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Common name for Mustangs made between 94 and 04. Sn95's are the ugliest and gayest mustangs to date. The mustangs made between 94 and 98 look Japanese, even though Ford claimed they avoided it at all costs. The "new edge" mustangs 99-04 were just as ugly, especially the '00 cobra r with the nissan skyline spolier on the back. Sn95s are easily smoked!
Here comes an sn95! Let's all point and laugh at its gayness!
by Nerd Murray May 06, 2008
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