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Smygarn is a legend among Swedish students. According to the legend, he's a drunk supernatural phenomena normally dressed in a muddy white Wädur overall. Some claim he is a poltergeist, while others insist his nothing but a trick of the imagination of drunken student's brains. Some extremist insist that he is a re-incarnation of Buddha.

He has a high propensity of showing up out of nowhere in various student parties around southern Sweden where he usually ends up being the most drunk and annoying no matter where he appears.

Very few (if any) have claimed to have seen Smygarn when they were not under the influence of alcohol. Also, no-one has ever claimed to seen him sober either. Virtually all documented sightings of him has ended with Smygarn falling drunk to the ground into deep sleep and then he has always mysteriously disappeared before the next morning. Smygarn normally drinks white wine or rum.

Various sightings of Smygarn sometimes seem to contradict one another. However most witnesses agree that he appear to be rather tall (6'2"-6'5" (187-195cm)) and slightly skinny and wear various type of glasses. Some say he looks handsome while other insist he's a freak of nature.

The first documented report of Smygarn began in 2003 and the sightings were most frequent around the south-eastern part of Sweden, especially Växjö but also occasionally in Olofström, Kalmar, Halmstad, Borås, Lund, Gotland and even northern Germany!

The sightings of Smygarn are normally as most intense around April/May but some student claim to have seen him all year.

In the recent months (the last half of 2007) Smygarn sightings have dramatically decreased. However there exist unconfirmed reports that a similar poltergeist are wandering some parts of the desert in Mexico called "El Smyg". Whether the two phenomenas are related are yet to be discovered.
Man last night was totally crazy. Even Smygarn appeared out of nowhere.

Smygarn creeps me out.

I think I must have seen Smygarn last night or maybe it was just some other drunk spooky ghost?

I swear this is the exact spot Smygarn passed out late last night, yet now there is no sign of him!
by Häst December 27, 2007
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