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Wädur is an acronym for "Växjö Datautbildningar".
It is a student association at Växjö Universitet, (University of Växjö), Sweden. The association is mainly created for students who study computer science, mathematics or media technology related programs.

Wädur is also known for having a great student overall culture. Their overalls are initially white, but they usually get rather beige/grey after some extended and extreme use... Experienced Wädurs usually have a bunch of patches (and other creative artifacts) attached to their overalls (some have hundreds of patches).

The members of Wädur are famous at Växjö Universitet for their ability to frequently party without getting too hung-over and being extremly creative and innovative while intoxicated. A part of Wädur’s partying is their extensively long nollning. It usually last for two or three weeks. During the Nollning the fresh students get to know the more experienced students and how the student life will be like. Wädur emphasize on giving the fresh students the time of their life during the nollning without drinking too much alchohol...

Some of Wädur’s members are also members of Hästarna. Hästarna is a social phenomenon that often travels together to student related activities across Sweden. Among their goals for their travels are: Spiikbandy,Hjärtslaget,Absolut Gotland,Fia med Donk,Rabalder,Lundakarnevalen and many more…
Wow, partying for the fifth straight night? You must be a Wädur!

Only a Wädur could have come up with the idea of an Indoor Hammer Throw Competition

Today I feel so Wädur (suggesting an ever-lasting mental satisfaction and happiness)

Where have all the Wädurs gone? (Frequently used by other students at Växjö Universitet if a party is getting boring)
by Hejdaniel June 30, 2006
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