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smurffins is the most general word ever creating in contemporary urban language.
it defines any state of mind, a place, a thing, a story, a person, and so on.

everything can be related to the word smurffins.
it's used when you want to point something out and you don't want to specify that matter.

it started to be used in the late 60's by a small hippie community, whom rejected the clear and objective definition of all things surrounding them.
case 1: pass me the smurffins, will you?

case 2: don't be such a smurffins, james!!!

case 3: where do you guys wanna go? - let's rock it out to the smurffins!!!!

many other cases could be presented, being smurffins such a universal word.
by isaacnoris October 21, 2009
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