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a dynamic pinch executed between the thumb and the middle finger, braced by the index finger for added leverage thus increasing the pain ten fold
that small asain tried to donkey punch me so i countered it with a smurf bite to his slow zipper headed ass
by DJ KNUCKLES March 07, 2005
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To pinch someone in the fatty area of the back of the arm. Very painful.
My boyfriend was being a bitch so I gave him a smurf bite and he yelled in I laughed.
by Lilgem December 13, 2007
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A smurf bite occurs when a constuction worker takes a shit in a port-a-potty, and gets the splash back effect of the blue chemical water directly in the asshole. When the shit hits the water, causing a splash of blue liquid, the splash goes due north and collides directly with a dirty, most likely hairy, ass hole.
Eric: Dude, I just took a shit in the johnny on the spot over there, and low and behold, smurf bite!

John: Ick, I spray shit in that thing about 20 minutes ago.

Eric: I thought I notices two shades of brown on the toilet paper. Sick.
by Hard Hat Harold February 08, 2010
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