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There is 2 different Smodems: an interjection and a noun.
The interjection comes from the word "smote," and it is like the slang term burn, but it is never a verb. (not capitalized)
You cannot say "oh, u just smodemed him"
but if someone "burns" someone else, you could say "oh, smodem" and it would be preferable if you could slap a table at the time.

For the noun, (CAPITALIZED)
The Smodem is what you want it to be. It's powers can be used for good or for awesome. But when is is evil, it can take many different forms, but it is limited as described by a wise member of the fellowship of the smodem.
"A Smodem is hard to describe. Here try this description out for size. Have you ever been on a motor boat. as you are cruising along and you look back at the boats trail. Its like that but the Smodem is as big as a your left arm. it is not round but flat. it doesn't float in the air but crawls on the ground."
Beware, for the Smodem can poses many things/beings such as our dads, or sea creatures, or even the food on ****** ****'s lunch tray. Don't be deceived, but also don't be to sensitive, and take heart in the fact that the fellowship of the Smodem has overcome and will truly know if there is a Smodem or an imposter.
Few people have seen the smodem, but there is sensible and even tangible evidence all around us.

May the Smodem be with you,
-john rood aka jfreak-
by akajfreak May 18, 2006
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