a term not largely known among people.
it is commonly described when you are so depressed inside yet you hide these aching emotions and appear to be happy and chipper to others. many people may confuse smiling depression with other things or may just classify it as being depressed but in fact it varies largely from being depressed.

in addition to being depressed: feeling numb inside, having a constant feeling of worthlessness, and not knowing what to do in life, when you are dealing with smiling depression people become even more confused from the constant role play of being happy to others. people with smiling depression want to get better but do not know what to do to console others, and most likely the disease of smiling depression must go away naturally because no one will help out the individual. seeing that no one knows of the persons true depressing thoughts.
"oh look at elaine she is always so happy!"

elaine's inner thoughts:"if only others knew how i truly felt. why do i always to showcase smiling depression? and not be able to show my true self"
by xxdefeatedxx. July 17, 2008
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This is not mostly known among people...but this is when your suffering depression and hides it with a smile...the fake smile is like your audience mask and you take it off when your by yourself...this type of depression if more dangerous than other types because most type don't have the energy to actually do it...but when people have smiling depression they actually plan it out and we'll try it...
This girl can be smiling and laughing but behind her mask she can be suffering from smiling depression...she can be broken and crying out for help...but how do we know what's she's carrying?

Don't judge people by there smiles....the prettiest smile hides the deepest secret...the prettiest eyes had cried the most...the kindest hearts have felt the most pain...
by Twenty Øne llamas March 29, 2016
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A form of depression but hiding your true depressive emotions to seem more happy in front of other people. Except you're not happy.
Person 1: "He's always so happy!"
His thoughts: "I wish people understood me. I'm not happy, this is just a cover up for my real emotions. I have smiling depression."
by Cram Salesman October 22, 2020
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