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A figurative term meaning to check if someone is being honest. Comes from Riskay 's song "Smell Yo Dick" about checking for infidelity, but has since come into usage in a business setting.
Jimmy: "So we are giving you exclusive access to this special deal for $35k since you are our absolute favorite client."
Peter: "Johnson, can you call up Willy from Cox-Zucker and see what they were offered?"
Jimmy: "Wait, what? You don't trust me?"
Johnson: "Willy confirms an offer of $29k."
Jimmy: "Well I never! That's preposterous!"
Peter: " Sorry buddy, had to go ahead and smell your dick on this one. And it stinks. Well, so much for this deal. Later, Jimmy."
by Nicholas D May 17, 2016
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Quite possibly the stupidest, most ridiculous song known to mankind.
Dave: Did you hear that song "Smell Your Dick" by Riskay?

Phil: Yeah, that song is soooooo fucking stupid dude... like wtf..??

Dave: Werd...
by phizzle413 March 02, 2009
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