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Generally, the region located between the scrotum and the anus. Specifically, the term smegnoid refers to the unfortunate coexistence of SMEGma and HemorrhOIDS in one rotten location.

Largely known as Taint or Gooch.
Because of poor penile hygiene and a bad case of ass grapes, my taint was referred to as a smegnoid.
by Hand Relief November 21, 2006
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Noun - A pet name for a real douche-bag of a person suggesting their essence is disgusting. Can be used among friends for a common target or to the targets face to insult and/or test the waters.
Used among friends: Hey, did Smegnoid show up at work today?

Used on target directly (female on male): Yo Smegnoid, get your smelly cheese-dick the fuck out of my face!

Used on target directly (male on female): Damn wench, I ain't eating that shit! Your a Smegnoid!
by ManWhorePig November 08, 2010
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