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The perfect word has arisen from the depths of oblivion. This word will become legendary. This word is more brag-a-docious in it's connotation(maybe I'll coin that word next) than it is, negative. Should be a noun to be proud of!
Smegmabyte (N) {smeg-ma-byte} -The build-up of corrupted gunk on your computer files from watching a lot of porn.

***Excessive form:

Smegmagig ...amount of gigs needed to watch too much porn.

-or- for the feverish fist-banger:

Smegmaterabyte ...terabytes needed to live in porn world.
Geez, Josh, with all that porn you watch, how many smegmabytes does your computer have?

- or-

Damn, Drew, with all that fist pumping, how many smegmagigs can your computer handle? I wish my computer was as badass as yours


Wow, Jake, judging by all those tissues on your floor I'm guessing you have the latest software to clean up all those smegmaterabytes? You rock!!
by Chetkush January 17, 2017
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