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adjective: can be used in one of two general contexts:
1) describes the act of having insanely intense sexual intercourse wherein the recipient of the "smashing" is unable to walk properly for at least 24 hours.
2) prior to the process of eating (gorging) an item that contains bread of some sort. it serves as an almost war cry encouraging friends to consume in a 'man-vs-food' like action; purist users of the word will claim that its reserved exclusively for hamburgers but i feel this can be comfortably extended to include such items as dinner rolls as well.
1) First Use
Scene - Popular Night Club
Guy 1 - Dude, did you see that broad at the bar?
Guy 2 - The one with the black mini on?
Guy 1 - Yep, I'm gonna swim up and get that little mermaid a drink...then you know what I'm gonna do?
Guy 2 - Smash dem' buns?
Guy 1 - Yo, you know it bro! fist bumping

2) Other Use
Restaurant - Food Eating Contest
Huge 7lb hamburger is set at table
Contestant stares momentarily before turning to his friend
Friend - Yo, smash dem' buns bro! more fist bumping
by imsonotcoolitsridiculous May 09, 2014
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