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an individual who is somewhat obsessed with sports, but does not beat up the small kids. That would be one of the differences between jock and smart jock.
an individual who gets straight A's to secure his athletic scholarship to college.

an individual who plans to make sports his life's work, but has a back-up plan, like Personal Training, in case he gets a career-ending injury.

an individual who still uses phrases like "ripped" and "hey man, what's up?" but will associate with anyone, not just jocks and cheerleaders.

an individual who recognizes that the smart kids have something to offer: like tutoring in a subject the smart jock may find difficult. In exchange for tutoring, the smart jock will often train the tutor to be big and strong like he is.
"Wow! You guys are really smart! I can't believe you got 90 in Physics!"
"I told you dude; we're not just jocks; we're smart jocks!"

"I plan to take Sports Management in College, just in case I get a career-ending injury. I love my sport and I want to be a part of it, even when I can't play anymore."

"I never thought you would associate with a skinny runt like me."
"Hey, don't put yourself down dude! In case you didn't notice, I didn't refer to you as a skinny runt, did I?"

"Why would a cool jock like you hang out with a skinny runt like me anyway?"
"I told you not to put yourself down man! I knew that you could help me get my Physics mark up so that I don't lose my athletic scholarship! In exchange for tutoring, I'll help you get big and ripped like I am!"
by Sean Dupuis July 08, 2006
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The exceptional individual who is not only extremely intelligent, but also an All Star athlete. This rare individual defies the "dumb jock" stereotype.
Hey, I know this smart jock who can hold and read Crime and Punishment in one hand while making a 3 point shot with the other!
by Smart Jock January 12, 2004
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Someone who can read Doestevsky's Crime and Punishment in one hand while sinking a three-point shot with the other.
I thought it was impossible, but that Smartjock sure is intelligent and atheletic...
by JonAndrewDavis July 29, 2005
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