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A member of a group of people that hang out with people that meet their criteria for being worthy to befriend. Said people drop out of sports after freshman year, think that sparks is hardxcore alcohol, use one person of the group because they have their license, talk shit about one another behind the other persons back,do whatever is best for them and don't care about anyone else,think that they are strong and can fight apparently when they haven't hit the gym since freshman football season. Many members of this elite group smoke cigarettes, swindle clothes off of people, steal stuff and deny it,come to basketball tryouts for 2 days and make a big deal out of it and then you don't see them at basketball ever again because they blame it on "having too much going on." I know smokings cigarettes is hard and so is driving around at night waisting your parents hard earned money on that gas card to fuel the Jeep Cherokee that mommy bought for them. These people may think they are upper class because their parents might have a little money so they think that they are popular and people like them when these people have no common sense about anything at all. Constantly say things like " ay yo brah we gonna drink some sparks and some icehouse tonight or what?" " doz n e 1 have a house that wii kan uze 2 "party" at.
" idk ill check to see whats goin on tonight with my people."
These people believe that they are alcoholics and have life hard. They attract attention by talking about committing suicide because life is so hard.

Don't get down on life if they don't want to hang out with you, realize that you're better than them and get true friends.
badass: "yo i was at this girls house last night with the rest of my crew and i got this girl drunk off of a sparks and she gave me head it was so sweet."

decent highschool kid: cool i have been trying to find a job, a decent girlfriend, lift, play football and be able to kick your crews ass at the same time, maintain a good gpa, and be able to outdrink the entire crew combined.

badass: " no way man i wrestle and have a shit record so i can beat your ass when i can't bench 135 10 times, and i can outdrink you."

normal kid" oh really what do you drink?"

badass: " man you don't even know one time i was at this kids house and i took a shot of beer every minute for an hour!!!"

normal kid: "wow no way!!! last weekend i got some grey goose last and we made skittles and got trashed and saturday night me and my friend demolished a bottle of 153 proof diesel!"

badass: "your a liar."

normal kid: " no really, ask someone that was there"

badass: "well i can still play beer pong better than you"

normal kid: " not a chance in hell you'll be trashed off 2 cups"

badass: " no ill drink 2 30 packs of icehouse right now"

normal kid: " I'll beat your ass so bad you won't have any face left"

badass: " doesn't matter im a small town celebrity and i run the town"
by normal kid in ohio July 10, 2008
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