a variety of tapes that greenio recorded. it has creepypastas, and it infects your normal rom and will display a error code and there will be a japanese dialouge and it crashes your game
every copy of sm64 is personalized. do not reasearch
by baldifan September 1, 2020
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Short for Super Mario 64, a game released by Nintendo in year 1996. Today it has the most submitted runs on Speedrun.com.
Wow, he's really fast at sm64
by TiloDroid April 14, 2019
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A style of content originally created in the late 2000s, used by SMG4 to popularize the style and takes much effort to produce. Many people in the community are mobile users.
"Bro this SM64 Machinima is mega poggers"
by DM64 January 6, 2021
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