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A free live roulette webcam site. Though 90% of the "models" on their broadcasting are gross there are the few that are actually hot and fun to chat with and put on a good show.

Unlike other live webcam sites where one person pays to go private, slutroulette can send you to LiveFreeFun where everyone can see and the model is based on tips.

It's supposedly the fastest live webcam site. It's great if you want more of an interaction, and not just a boring recorded video.
"Have you heard of Slutroulette?"

"Yeah, BRB, I'm out to masturbating while chatting online with hot chicks all day"
by LadyMcMuff March 06, 2014
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When multiple guys (most likely bros) take turns raw dogging with a female and then ejaculate into her each time one after another. The game of roulette is then started as they get to wait and see which one gets her pregnant.
Matt, Evan, Sawyer, Jack and I all took turns with this slut named Kathy when we were drunk last week. We totally played slut roulette with her and blew our loads in her each time, bitch didnt see it coming. Now we get to see who gets her pregnant.
by KoltBolt May 13, 2014
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