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1) A person that fornicates with any and many mothers.
2) A reference to anything and everything that is annoying or maddening.

And lo... back in the year 2004, engineers at Carleton University decided they needed a word that described all the truly annoying things in the world. So they applied their engineering knowledge to create a word more offensive than slut or motherfucker (both heavily in use at the time)... being incredibly busy people they decided to just stick the two words together and on that day a word greater than the sum of its parts was created... and the rest is history... bitch!
Take the integral across this beam and set up your equations... but watch out for this slutmotherfucking vector here!

I hate this slutmotherfucking course... it is a real slutmotherfucker fuck!
by Owl January 27, 2005
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