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(1) a romantic relationship that progresses slowly, either by design or naturally;
(2) a relationship in which both parties have already determined each other desirable, and see each other often, however the natural progression towards more serious discussion and physical expression is retarded;
(3) a slow romance
(1) It's been a month and Jack still hasn't spent the night with that girl he's dating -- it's a slowmance.
(2) So she eagerly invited me back to her place, but then kicked me out a little while later. That’s cool though, I’m okay with it being a slowmance.
by SonjaRW January 02, 2009
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When a romantic relationship is moving slower than dead people. One person is generally aware, and pissed off. The other is totally oblivious and waiting for the "right moment" to take things further.
Guy1- Dude, you and Kate have been going out for like two years! Maybe it's time you kissed her?

Guy2- I'll do it when I'm ready, okay?

Guy1- Jeez, bro, how much longer will you keep up this damn slowmance?
by Tig765 February 06, 2010
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