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A blowjob,fellatio. More exactly a sloppy blowjob. Named because your chops (mouth/chin) get sloppy with saliva.
I was feeling her up and next thing I know the chick whips it out and makes with the slop-chop.
by Pervo McPervy July 29, 2006
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when a man is preforming oral sex on a women and the sneezes causing himself to bite a whole in the vagina, as the women screams he assures her that nothing happened the proceeds to try to plug up the whole with his tounge but as the blood floods his mouth he vomits inside the vagina and the women bleeds to death with her ripped vagina covered in blood/vomit.
yo man, kenny totally slopchopped his mom last night
by mr.Neffbeanie April 06, 2010
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1. An action used to preform total sloppysouping. When souping it straight without a strainer the slopchop is mainly used to thin the soup.
2. Used to make a stew when maleeting a trigonometric identity
I really had to slopchop that malaria i had last weekend. It was getting extra soupy.
by jnol123 October 11, 2009
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