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1. A promiscuous, sexually attractive, young man who "slays sloots". He doesn't abide by the law and has no common moral. Nevertheless, he is notorious for "pulling sloots". It is not unusual for a "sloot slayer" to intoxicate his victim before "making his kill". He harbors no emotions. He gives only but one "fuck". The one "fuck" given is his hair. He performs in the night. More often than not, he is under the influence of either ecstasy, weed, alcohol or a combination of the three. His "sloot slaying" abilities surpasses the capabilities of a manwhore. Overall, in result to his ungodly acts, he is hated by most.
1. The "sloot slayer" earned his recognition after driving under the influence in a stolen vehicle, breaking into an empty condominium and having sex with a sloot.
by damonymaka September 28, 2013
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