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a small, slightly pouched, triangular piece of material, (easily mistaken for a facemask) that is actually revealing underwear for the male slong. A g-string for men.

slong thongs come in many sizes and colours, and there are even novel designs such as edible candy slong thongs, leather versions, and slong thongs in the shape of animals and other objects.
while in the sex shop, hannah's friends were in hysterics as she tried on a slong thong, thinking it was a colourful gag.
hannah- "geez these things are shoddy, what's the third string for? doesn't fit very well, and it smells kinda funky.."
charlee- "i hope to god no-one has tried that on..."

kristy- "this all male strip show is great, but i wish they would rip their slong thongs off already!"
by _Hannah_ November 19, 2006
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