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Term originating from Massachussetts for someone (usually female) who is characterized by uncommon saintly behavior but with horrible judgment in people
Also any highly desirable person by people of the opposite and same sex.
Nice to everyone just because he or she is such a goddam saint but also extremely confusing and complicated.
Ugly short guy: Will you go out with me?
Slockwood: sure you seem nice!
Ugly Short Guy: no i'm not but okay let's do it now

Nerdy dude: I love slockwoods they're so intelligent
Jocky dude: So do I that slockwood over there has an athletic build and she's mad funny!
Drug guy: Yea man slockwoods so chill and universal... yahknow?
lesbian/gay personl: I WISH HE/SHE WERE BI mmm so pretty
Guy with boyfriend: I wish my girl was a slockwood.
Reject: I love that slockwood she's the only one who understands or talks to me
Ex boyfriend: she's such a slockwood, sh ruined my life I wish I were better hung too
Suicidal people: What a slockwood. He/she is so great to talk to when things are hard
Everyone: <3
by acitditybasitity January 24, 2011
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