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when a person with a hand load of shit walks up behind an unsuspecting victim and slicks that persons hair back with said shit giving them a slick hair style.
The mean kid down the block put crap in my hair giving me a slick ricky
by campjoe July 22, 2009
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Not your grandpa's skis. Strap a pair of these greased up snow hogs on your feet and you will know deep in your loins what it means to be a renegade demigod flying straight out of hell and down the slopes. "When did I grow a porn stache, and why is there an overwhelming mane of diamond plated mullet streaming off my skull?" you will ask yourself. but then you hear it...that angelic whine that can only be Van Halen's "Running With the Devil" playing on repeat inside your head..emanating from every pore on your body in an awesome wave.
Skier 1: "I wouldn't strap on those Slick Rickys brah "
Skier 2: *straps on Slick Rickys* "Brah it's fine, they're just norma-RUUUNNNIIN WITH THE DEVIIIIIIIIL"

rock god adonis skiing denim dan truffle butter
by arizonacharlie December 22, 2017
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