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To cover one's face in vomit when intoxicated and unknowingly wake up with vomit stains over your face. Most often associated with projectile vomiting while lying down.
Dude, he totally sleshed all over himself! What a douche!
by x19059 March 23, 2009
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Most commonly used in place of cool or rad.
Also used to describe a person with good looks, or who is sharply dressed.

Not directly associated with Slesh Hair.

Prefix of Slesher.

In some areas it is considered an honor to be named this.
That dude's so slesh...
You look so slesh today...
by anonymous0123456789 June 13, 2008
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Slesh, also known as sesh but slesh is where everyone is just getting with eachother no matter who it is they are shagging or pulling,
I'm going to a slesh later, can't wait to get onit and get wi someone
by Fkn Druggo May 15, 2018
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