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Stands for the GREATEST insult of all time: "Slimy Little Communist Shit Twinkle Toed Cocksucker". Originating from the movie Full Metal Jacket, this insult should only be reserved for the absolute WORST offenders, as it is such an epic insult, and also because if not used by a serious person, in a serious moment, you will most likely burst out laughing. I mean, just LOOK at the words: almost impossible to not laugh by just READING them, in your head or aloud!!
Bradley: Dude, Kevin just stole my stash, then fucked my girl!!
Cody: Bro that's fucked up!! What did you do?
Bradley: I called him a slcsttc, and he was totally speechless.

Cody: slcsttc? What's that?

Bradley: Slimy Little Communist Shit Twinkle Toed Cocksucker.

Bradley and Cody both almost die from laughter.
by KrispyDymond January 17, 2018
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