Referring to one's first name, nickname, or title as a brand given by one's parents or others.
"I'm sorry, I don't answer to my slave name."
by Espen809 May 28, 2006
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Created during the highest point or climax of sexual passion, a slave name comes when one begins to utter involuntarily words or phrases that are ultimately directed to define their partner. Slave names can be anything such as animals, other human names, titles of films or literary works, or businesses. (List is subject to change) The method most advised in which the slave name is decided is when the couple is rocking doggie style. The final decider of each slave name alternates, on even days of the week the male or the one in the captain-majorus position (upper) chooses the name. On odd days of the week, the female, or human in the captain-minorus position chooses. Slave names are usually used as code words for booty calls while in a public area.
Majorus- "Oh Betty you filthy skanque! Take that straight up your tight ass twat!"

Minorus- "Betty? That is my moms name you foaming colon!"

Majorus- "Shut up, for I am GOD!"

Minorus- "Fine. Go at my canyon like a wrecking ball!"

In this example the Minorus is branded the slave name Betty and the Majorous is coined the slave name Wrecking Ball.
by Big Dog 21 April 06, 2009
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