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A condition in which math students begin to show signs of slowing mental effort. The decline in brain activity is often accompanied by a diminishing work effort even though the expectation of a good grade remains high. Slackacardia is terminal and must be treated with relative quickness. Long term effects include chronic bad grammar, prolonged employment in fast food restaurants, and an increasing desire to live in the Midwest.

Early onset Slackacardia can have subtle symptoms that are indiscernible to the afflicted student. An increased level of texting during classtime is usually the first indication that the sickness is beginning. Soon students will turn incomplete assignments or stop doing work altogether. As the disease progresses they will accuse the teacher of losing their work, may stop attending class altogether, or make pathetic last minute efforts to complete several weeks of work in an hour or two (usually on the afternoon when term grades are being determined).
She thought texting her friends during class was harmless. It wasn't until she received an F in 3 classes that she realized she'd come down with Slackacardia.
by Noah Laughingmatter January 27, 2014
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