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Originally from Bolton, Canada, Skyelett Alexandra Sweetnam (Skye Sweetnam) started out by writing and recording her own music in her friend James' basement. She got a recording contract at 14 and has released her 2004 debut album called Noise From the Basement. Her second album is due out in June 2006. Has comparisons to Avril Lavigne.
skye sweetnam rox my sox off!
by Mr.Definition December 24, 2005
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Skye Sweetnam was originally from Bolton, Canada. She is named after the Island of Skye in Scotland. A pop singer who got a recording contract at 14, she guests stars on the tv show "Radio Free Roscoe" and is the singing voice of Barbie in the "Barbie Diaries". She was nominated for a Juno Award for new artist of the year. Her new album, Sound Soldier, comes out in the April of 2007. Calls her fans "Skye Soldiers".
Skye Sweetnam rocks

by ACILEGNA January 18, 2007
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an awesome songwriter and singer (and actress) who sings songs brilliantly. She originated from Toronto, Canada, and was constantly compared to another Canadian sweetheart, Avril Lavigne (who Skye is obviously better than). Skye has dyed her hair many colors including: chestnut brown, golden blonde, pinkish-red with black, blue-purple-yellow-and green with black, and jet black. Her real name is Skylar Alexandria Sweetnam. she was named after the isle of Skye in Scottland. Her first cd, Noise From the Basement, hit all stores in Canada, Japan (she's BIG there), and the U.S. Her recent CD, Sound Soldier, is the center of all Skye fan's hearts and girls and guys who want to make noise with guitars, voices, drums, basses, or any rockin' instruments. She also went on tour with Tim Armstrong and had down a song together with him and his band. she is now working with the Matrix band and invading youtube with her Skye Plays Dress Up which is her...playing dressup and having fun. Go Skye!!! Subscribe to!
"Skye Sweetnam is awesome!"
"Yes she is!"
by codenamejester March 02, 2009
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