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a sky high wedgie is a hanging wedgie where the reciever is hung from an extremely high tree or post or wall or flagpole or something else. usually something is put underneath the victim to break their fall. in some cases the giver does not do so and the victim hurts their self.

sky high wedgies are often used by a jock to "punish" a geek or nerd or a loser or a normal innocent person/stranger who is given a wedgie for fun for the giver.
i was given a sky high hanging melvin by my brother and his friends, i was walking by the river when they jumped on me and hung me on a tree over the river, my briefs snapped and i fell in and they panicked because they know i can't swim. Brian, my brother, got me out. he took me to his house to "clean me up" but i actually got a swirlie, a squeaky-clean wedgie, an atomic wedgie, a crane wedgie, and a gang wedgie. it is unfair cos he is 21 and i am 13, but he is still a jock and to him i am a loser!anyway, i have got him back by helping his friends to give him a sky high wedgie from the same tree!

sky high wedgies.
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