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skuntch is a combination of the words: skank, cunt, and bitch. Used as an insult towards dumb hoes, breezies, and straight up bitches...
I hate that skuntch!
by DTB ENTERTAINMENT December 03, 2007
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Skuntch is a hybrid word which combines three words into one. It is the great-grandmother of all female disses, and though there can be male skuntches (pl); a vast majority of skuntches (pl) are female. The three words the word skuntch is derived from, skanky cunt bitch, combines the three adjectives into a singular noun; henceforth the word skuntch.
Damn bro, she just hung up on me. What a skuntch!

That skuntch act like her shit dont stink.

Man...I'm so tired of bagging these groceries. Eh comes this skuntch through my aisle. She’s always complainin.
by Lootee41 August 06, 2018
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