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Any slang term used by bigoted or self-righteous people to negatively stereotype others. Even though the word may have its proper place in our language and a correct definition, its meaning in common usage is so subjective that it defies accurate definition.
An abortion is the medical and legal term for miscarriage. The introduction of intentional miscarriage brought about slang usage in which it means feticide, which is the medical and legal term for causing a fetus to abort, whether intentional or not.

A cult is the religious aspect of one's culture, thus the similarity between the words cult and culture. Bigoted name-calling insists that only "other people" join cults.

Democracy means rulership by the people, for the people, and all that that implies, such as free elections. The one nation that is most critical of what other nations try to pass off as Democracy can't even hold debates between its own presidential candidates without two of the four candidates trying to attend being arrested and charged with trespassing just for being there.

One person's truth is his opponent's propaganda, and vice versa.

Phobias are psychologically induced, irrational fears. In common usage, they are nothing more than something to accuse others of having when one wants to discount their opinions and be excused to behave in a way that they find repugnant.

If bigots only realized how bigoted they sound when they call other people bigots, probably no one would ever use the word.
by Downstrike October 23, 2004
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