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1.n. The area between the scrotum and the butt, also known as the perrenium.
2. v. To dry hump somebody from behind
3. n/adj. a Derrogative term for having a dirty perrenium
1.n.Dak fell on a pommel horse and bruised his skrut
2.v. Dak liked to skrut Ping on the leg.
3.n. Dak is a skrutty motherfucker.
by Aaron March 15, 2005
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good; delicious, esp. food
Canonized in Carpinteria, CA
Sha, that burrito place is so skrut
by shish August 31, 2004
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A Skrut is a Female that Never use to be anything and now walks around like she is everything.
" SKRUT" (saying it rli loud without getting hit because they know the meaning) x
by Steve colburt August 25, 2010
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