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Skreitism is a term for players who roleplay as a prostitute of the opposite gender and engage in multiple sexual activities, usually bisexual, to gain pleasure. It can also mean someone who forms a romantic desire toward other players instead of their characters; they are unable to identify between IC (in character) and OOC (out of character).

The noun for this kind of player is "skreitist."

The word is derived from the name of an online character on PlaneShift. A perverted player's main character was the lusty Enkidukai (catlike humanoid) named Skreit, but he had several female alternative characters who were often bisexual and prostitutes. He often tried to create a long-distance online romance with women who also played the game.

People who practice skreitism tend to be homosexual or bisexual and have no social life outside of the internet.
The man played online roleplaying games during his free time and attempted to spark online relationships with female players since no one would go out with him in real life. He must have been a follower of skreitism.

Bob was RPing on PS (PlaneShift) and met a female Ynnwn (cross between a Dermorian, a kind of elf, and a Diaboli, a demonlike race) in the tavern, and he paid to sleep with her that night. The next morning he found out his character had truly slept with a lewd man who was playing as a prostitute!
by Xik'tar December 12, 2007
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