The combination of two or more individuals skiing and snowboarding. Both of them must be doing one or the other, while being together. (SkO-bing)
"Do you want to go snowboarding with me today?"
"I am going skiing."
ALL- "Skobing it is!"
by Jukur February 19, 2006
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like a skanger, enjoys dutch gold, nike air max and 90 degree angle caps..
also partial to adidas and Kappa trakkies..usually heard before seen..can be heard screaming..' bleedin deck ya, bleedin hippy!!'
high pitched voice. complex family connections...oedipus eat your heart out
jp and anto and decko and damo had a cider party on the sea-front in bray..they got their cans from the offy in tesco!!!
by pretty kitty December 4, 2004
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