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A period of deliberate abstinence from alcohol to assuage concerns that the subject is an alcoholic, only to resume drinking the moment no one is looking. The act of faking sobriety.

Derived from 'skitching' (skate hitching, i.e. grabbing onto a car for momentum while skateboarding or rollerblading) and the 'wagon' metaphor for sobriety (on the wagon, fall off the wagon, etc).
"Happy Humpday, Bill. Skitching the wagon again, I see."
"I haven't had so much as an O'Doul's in days. If these goddamn inspectors aren't out of here by Monday, I'm gonna lose my fuckin' mind."
"Wanna smell my flask? There's nothing in it, but-"
*grab* *SSSSSNNNNNNIF* "Oooohhh..."
by David Davids0n March 03, 2010
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