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BARACK OBAMA: What's yo hella shit all about, bro?
Me: Existential Pubes.
BARACK OBAMA: God-dayum, far the mothafuckin-hell out...
by Ctfd June 26, 2014
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A phrase used in a flirtatious context often preceded by a question as to whether or not something is meant to be "dirty or not". It is used as a diverting comment so the person will be distracted.
Girl: Hey you :) what's up?
Guy: You mean what else is up? ;)
Girl: Was that a dirty joke?
Guy: You tell me... all i know is that the pepper hit the fan about ten minutes ago. :)
Girl: Oh man...explain that one..
by Ctfd July 01, 2010
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Not going to class and pissing your teacher off to the point were she flips out on everyone and calls every teacher to see were you are, and while asking them pronounces your last name wrong. Whytf
Student walks around school while their teacher is calling everyone trying to find out were the student is, because the teacher is obsessed with this particular student. Skipping class
by Ctfd February 14, 2014
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