A girl that’s a / has a skinny ass is a beautiful woman that’s skinny but still has a good ass on her. She’s not thick she just has a pretty spectacular ass to hip to waist ratio.
‘Hey Tony, you know Tessa
‘Yeah John what about her’
‘She’s what some would call a skinny ass’
by 3=>Papi July 14, 2019
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A beautiful person with the sex appeal of a pillow.

A respectful way of saying a man would ride you just to tear you up.
Cover the base and go for the face, she a skinny ass.
by Spankxbuttocks March 12, 2014
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A dumb person who was once fat but is now skinny.
Guy 1: Danm, Billy lost hella weight ova tha summer.

Guy 2: I know tha skinny ass fat gay bastard.
by Regulata May 23, 2010
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A broke ass bitch who experiences the worst hangovers that any man has ever had to endure. Upon waking up, he takes an immediate dip, most of which goes everywhere, except his mouth. He has a tendency to chill in his "hangover cave" all day receiving blumpkins from passer's by and reading books on kama sutra.
Guy: Dude, what's up, you wanna go eat lunch?
Other: Nah man, I'm just gonna chill, I have a terrible hangover.
Guy: Man, fuck you dog, you're acting like that skinny ass bitch named coker.
by Jesse Logan May 22, 2006
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A white/caucasion indivdual who is very lazy and rude. Slang for white/caucasion race, being compared to a "cracker" because they are also white and salty like a saltine Zesta Cracker aka--Cracka--
Hey girl, Why you been hanging out with his Skinny Cracka Ass?! You know he's salty!
by SexaySammay May 7, 2011
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