A word that is used as an answer, when you have nothing else to reply with.
-Where were you today?
-Huh.. Home..Got madd drunk last night
-You should come to school tomorrow
by Shay_la October 29, 2006
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Skibbs Is The nickname Given To that weird friend that nobody quite understands. He is Definitely Not normal and doesn’t mind people telling him so! He is actually very sensitive and can be made upset by even the smallest things but won’t show it so you have to be careful when dealing with a Skibbs. He Is most likely to be a Psychotic Murderer out of all of his friends but he is also kind and caring even he doesn’t seem it. He likes to be seen as Cool And Popular But he is often just there for laughs. Skibbs is easy going but He can occasionally Snap. He is always there for his friends but will Flee is he is asked anything about his emotions. Overall You Never want to let a Skibbs go. He isn’t often seen as Dating Material which Brakes His heart as when he falls in love he loves with all his heart and will go into a state of grief for months when rejected. So if your ever with a Skibbs, treat him Right.
Girl: OMG! Who is That Psycho?
Girl 2: That’s -Name-
Girl 3 : More Like Skibbs
Girl: he Kinda Cute
Girl 3: nah you never Date a Skibbs. It’s too much hassle.
by Skibbs August 09, 2021
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a freind or familier aquantince
watsup my jibbly-skibbs!!
by manur3 February 07, 2009
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