A movie or movie clip consisting of montages of sick ski or snowboard tricks with no context, plot, or any other attempt to tie it all together

Ski porn stands in stark contrast to traditional ski movies, which typical have more of a documentary feel.
To psyche ourselves up before a day on the slopes, we watched some ski porn while we ate breakfast.
by snowbandit March 8, 2009
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a term applied to thrill-a-minute ski or kayak flicks. Typically feature young hotshots doing crazy tricks in lots of powder or big whitewater. Most fans of these movies are skiiers or paddlers themselves. Some well known producers include: Ski porn - Warren Miller, Teton gravity research
Kayak porn - Young Gun Productions
I can't wait for the new TGR movie. Nothing like some good ski or kayak porn to start the season out on a good note.
by Mountain freak April 30, 2007
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